My Story...

     The world is in turmoil. Today, in lands once deemed to be peaceful where law and order prevailed, the most heinous atrocities are perpetrated against innocent individuals whose only crime is that they are of a different ethnicity, or worship according to a different faith. Add to that, the uncontrollable forces of nature, which now with ever increasing frequency ravage the infrastructure of earth leaving thousands dead or homeless, and it becomes very obvious to any thinking person, that something cataclismic is happening to our planet. As a consequence, many today live in fear of the present and in dread of the future. But this need not be!

     In 1961, in a time of great distress and emotional trauma in my life, I became acquainted with the only source of comfort and assurance that any of us humans can ever expect to find, the One about whom prophets and apostles wrote in the Holy Scriptures - He is the Son of God, known to us as The Lord Jesus Christ. And in an instant of time, my life was changed forever. Now, because of the ever increasing deterioration in every aspect of our lives so evident in the world around us, the focus of my life is upon bringing to others the serenity that I have found, the peace that anyone can know through faith in Him.  

     With this in mind, several years ago, Sacred Encores was born to bring hope to the despairing, and the prospect of a future home in the Glorious Kingdom our Lord has prepared for His people. And what better way to proclaim that hope than through the medium of easy listening sacred music accompanied by the written or spoken word.


Born and raised in Durban, South Africa, at about nine years of age, I was introduced to the piano by a teacher who was affiliated with the Royal School of Music in London, England. The genre was classical, as opposed to the contemporary music of the time. Then about eleven years ago, after not having played the piano for many years, I purchased an old, small, well worn instrument off the internet, and began to entertain myself, and play a few special items in church. The response from my listeners was very positive and some generous friends, without my solicitation, donated the funds for me to purchase a Yamaha, digital keyboard. With my love for music and the piano rekindled, and much encouragement from my friends, I began writing my own music inspired by events that have shaped my life, and stories found recorded in the Bible. Now, up to this point in time, I have played in nursing homes and elder care homes, a restuarant on a regular basia, in social gatherings, and of course in a number of churches. This experience has revealed to me the powerful effect music can have on those who listen. There are some, maybe many, who will not care to hear a sermon, but who will attend a concert for the sake of the music - in my concerts they hear both the music and the spoken testimony.

      Now I find myself in Alaska, preaching the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, and a musician with a heart overflowing with the good news of redemption to proclaim to those who will listen. Here in this, "The Last Frontier," there are many small, and some not so small, towns in which are many people who really need to hear the good news of the gospel. Several of these towns here in the Southeast, cannot be reached by road because they are situated on islands. I myself am located in Petersburg in Southeast Alaska - on an island. And I feel a burden to take my music, and the spoken word, to these towns not accessible to me except with a small airplane. In these towns are many who may respond to the gospel presented through music and the spoken word. I also believe that the Lord is about to return, which gives this ptoject a sense of urgency.

     Because I have the keyboard, the keyboard stand, the bench, two powered speakers with stands and etc... to transport, the airline is out of the question, and the ferry's very unreliable timetable, makes the marine highway impracticable. Besides, there is just too much equipment to carry. However, a small plane that I can load up at the airport, will make my plan doable and practical. I am a pilot with over 350 hours in my logbook, and a licensed A&P with about 17 years experience in the field of aircraft maintenance - for many of those years, I worked with an FAA inspector authorization. So I am now looking for a Cessna 175 of 1960's vintage, just the aircraft i believe will fulfill the purpose mentioned here. 

And so, let me introduce you to SEAMAP (South-East Alaska Mission Aviation Project)


             May God bless you and keep

                        you in His care always!