This is the Ercoupe 415D I owned and flew regularly for several years.

Cessna 175

   The new upgraded instrument panel I

   built for the Ercoupe.

Installing the alternator on

a Piper Arrow during an

engine swap .

      Performing service items during routine maintenance.

  A regular visitor at many fly-ins  in Michigan and Indiana in the early 2000's. 

           Happy is the man who gets to     do the things he really loves - with God's favor and blessing.

 When a man's job  is also his hobby...?

What more can one say?

        This is a typical Cessna 175. Cessna built this model during the years 1958  thru' 1962. The GO300 Continental engine produces 175 HP, which together  with the 2350 lb. take off weight, makes it an ideal aircraft for mission   service.   And because of the age factor, they can generally be purchased at a very reasonable price.   With  some upgrading to more modern avionics (if necessary) these aircraft make an extremely economical and practical aircraft.

Alaska: A vast land of incredible beauty.                              Midday in the cold, dark winter.                     Awesome Grandeur Everywhere

Southeast Alaska              

Skagway                                  Hoonah

Two typical towns located

in South-East Alaska